April meeting and upcoming events

Good afternoon!

Friday, April 14th is our LUG Birthday. We will have our meeting in Olympia at home of Darrel and Winona Furgison.

5329 Lemon Rd NE  Olympia, WA  98506

Meeting starts at 6PM, general business to start at 6:15

We will have a Draft, 70592 NinjaGo Salvage M.E.C.

and since it is the LUG’s birthday..

how about dirty brixter?  price limit $15


I updated the Calendar with Spring and early summer events, check it out!


Bricks Cascade 2017

Good Morning!

I wanted to share how Bricks Cascade went last weekend!

The theme of building friends rang true! a good handful of SPS LUG were on site and a great time to reconnect with our friends in Portland!

This is their largest turnout of MOCS and attendees to date, I hope to get some numbers soon on how many attended the public show.





SPS LUG takes home another trophy! our collaborative MOC received an honorable mention!  congratulations



First RLUG meeting and the year ahead

We had a great meeting in Olympia Saturday,

Green_Lion_Calvin SigFig_Feb25

Thank you for those of you that could attend!

It was the first time at Dirty Dave’s Pizza and the overall response was good.  (feedback appreciated)

We went over the benefits we receive and requirements to maintain RLUG status.  If anyone who missed the meeting has any questions please contact Michael Gilliam or Amy Meyer.


The year ahead will require us to apply for future events to have them count towards our RLUG status.

City Blocks -Brick by Brick Spring event  – April 1-16, 2017

We are currently looking at the standing invite from the Capitall Mall Century theater in Olympia for the following movies:

The Lego Ninjago Movie – September 22, 2017

STAR WARS Episode 8 – December 15, 2017

Lego Batman Movie/ Capital Theater-Olympia Mall Display

Hi everyone! Great to see so many of you at the meeting on Saturday!

The first poll is up on Facebook in our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581166858805136/ 
Indicate which day, or days, you can support the display as setup, breakdown or a proctor. Proctoring shifts will be scheduled in 2 hour blocks; you can sign up for many, few, or one, but not yet!
Proctor sign-up will be enabled once we’ve picked, and confirmed our day (or days) with the theater. Please respond to the poll ASAP if you plan to participate with setup, breakdown or as a proctor, because if we don’t have the manpower, we don’t have a display.

Happy New Year!

With the rapid departure of 2016 I am looking forward to what our LUG will experience in 2017!

With that said, i wanted to update everyone on our Application status to be an RLUG.
(Recognized Lego User Group)

Paul Striefler from Lego Operations and Community Engagement contacted me that he has recieved our application and the review process will take place this month.

They will have their decisions made and we should hear back in February.

Fingers Crossed!

Advent Calendars

Good morning.

My son reminded me it was almost time to start his advent calendar this year. It seems as if they run out right before December!


(Coincidence? i think not!)

If anyone is looking for one there were a whole bunch at the Learning Express store at the Landing in Renton.

Learning Express of Renton
22.9 mi · 840 N 10th Pl a · (425) 264-3606